Kate Gosselin Goes Ballistic Over a Slice of Pizza

September 5, 2011

The latest promo clip for "Kate Plus 8" shows matriarch Kate Gosselin get angry with friend Ashley about a piece of pizza meant for bodyguard Steve. Poor Steve had apparently called the slice in question the prior evening, and when Maddy delivered the slice to him with her bare hands, Gosselin lost it. "Literally, you handed it to a kid to hand out without wrapping it in foil," her lengthy excoriation began.

The "Kate Plus 8" episode takes place during a family road trip on luxury tour buses. Check out the clip below to see Kate Gosslin flip out about pizza:


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lance's picture

Jesus Christ, when are the 15 minutes up for this a-hole?
"Steve doesn't eat salad!"

Krissy's picture

AGREED! She (and this show) are such a joke.
These poor kids are so screwed as adults.

Krissy's picture

Someone needs to FINALLY put this
narcasistic, controlling psycho in her place.
Geezus. And Steve, MAN UP & quit
being this A-holes newest child.
Eat the damn salad and tell her to shut her hole.
How about a show called Kate Does Anger Management

Karina's picture

What does Jesus have to do with this? Wish people would stop using his name in vain.

Miley's picture

Shouldn't Ashley and Jamie of been the ones to say, "This is soooo Over!!"?