Honest Tea Unveils Major Rebranding

September 6, 2011

Organic and healthy beverage maker Honest Tea has unveiled an aggressive new branding campaign, as the company begins distributing their line of teas and other drinks nationally. Among the changes: a line of plastic bottles carrying Honest Tea and Honest Ade. 

"Gaining national distribution is like getting a primetime premiere, and we want to make sure we're wearing our best outfit," said Seth Goldman, President and TeaEO of Honest Tea.  "As any brand manager knows, updating your visual identity can be a grueling process, but we are delighted with the final results."

One wonders if the company, which crafts its products  with "sustainability and great taste for all" and advertises using the phrase "stop drinking artificial flavorings and chemicals," will catch any flack for the new plastic bottles since they are far less sustainable and have a greater environmental impact than glass ones. The type of plastic Honest Tea uses, PET, is widely used in the soft drink industry, but research has found potential toxicity in the product.

What do you think of the tea company's new branding? 

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alexandra's picture

DISLIKE! you would think a brand that is all about being "honest" & organic would be environmentally friendly and understand the evils of plastic. Clearly it doesnt sound like a very "honest" company to me anymore and i will no be buying their tea once i see it in plastic bottles!