3 Inspired Apple (Juice) Cocktails

September 17, 2011

Ever thought of using apple juice in your cocktail recipes? You will now! Sour Apple and Big Red need not apply - this roundup is for sophisticated cocktails only! Even though apple juice may not seem like the most grown up ingredient, once you try these autumnal beverages, you'll never look at a juice box the same way again. Fresh apple juice is a great sweetener and substitute for simple syrup - in the appropriate combination! Here are three of my favorite fall cocktails using apple spirits and fresh pressed juice.

Fresh apple juice and Løitens Linie Aquavit (a Norwegian spirit) make for a spicy, lightly sweet cocktail with all the flavors of autumn: cardmom, cinnamon, apple and clove.

Harvest Apple Cooler
With Lillet Blanc and apple-infused vodka, this cocktail tastes like a fresh, crisp apple. My favorite combination is to leave off the simple syrup, cut the gingerale in half and fill the rest with fresh pressed (non alcoholic) cider.

North by Northwest
A creation from bartender Evan Zimmerman, this super seasonal cocktail will have you begging for more! Apple brandy, apple juice and a dash of apple butter (?!) make for an unforgettable beverage.

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