Debate - Should We Ditch The Apple Juice

September 17, 2011

With the recent expose' on arsenic levels in some varieties of apple juice, Dr.Oz is taking some heat from the FDA and others. Oz claims that many brands of apple juice contain much higher levels of arsenic than are considered safe.

The FDA claims that Oz was referring to organic arsenic, which passes through the body, and is considered harmless, versus inorganic arsenic, which is present in some pesticides and can pose a cancer risk if consumed over long periods of time. 

This week's debate: Do you think there is concern over the levels of arsenic in apple juice? Discuss

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Chris OE's picture

Well? What does the lab show? They ought to be able to tease apart the organic and inorganic results. Lots of imported apple juice from China might well be tainted with old style pesticides, they kind of scoff at our concerns about such things, but then again, things like seaweed can have quite high levels of organic arsenic naturally. So which is it?