Viewers Find The Chew Hard to Swallow

September 26, 2011

America's latest daily food show debuted today on ABC and The Chew appeared to disappoint many early viewers on Twitter. Here's a sample of some of the responses. What did you think of the show's debut?

1. @RuthBourdain

2. @courtneyp_

3. @Crissy

4. @CubbySquires

5. @benleventhal

6. @FoodieAnthony

7. @TonyLeadholm

8. @sarah_effin

9. @AnikkaVonLee

10. @ondienmonet

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Denise's picture

Simply, a huge waste of time! Off with it's head!!

Nancy's picture

I'm sure soap fans aren't surprised that this hasn't gone over big on Day 1. Can we say now "WE TOLD YA SO!" When you have a show that actually works (All My Children) you don't change things! Reality? It is getting to be old hat already and people are getting tired of it. I will not be watching!

Billie Miiller's picture

I have no idea if The Chew is good or not because I refuse to give it ANY of my time or attention. I am now watching The Young and the Restless...anything but ABC. I am also enjoying The Talk. Again, anything but ABC.

Katngeo's picture