Fabio Viviani Now Selling Dominos Pizza

September 28, 2011

Two-time Top Chef veteran Fabio Viviani may not know how to make a cheeseburger (or maybe he does), but he certainly knows American pizza. That is, if you believe his new ad for Domino's, in which Viviani touts the chain's new artisan pizza offerings. 

The ad mainly show Viviani mispronouncing ingredients while talking up the pizza (which doesn't look that great in the spot). 

Viviani also does promotional work for Italian food maker Bertolli, which introduced a new line of Premium Meal Soups for Two, endorsed by the chef. 

"In Italy, we want delicious meals even when we don't have the time to go to a restaurant or make it from scratch. With Bertolli Meal Soups, people can have a great restaurant-quality meal anytime," says Viviani. 

Ironically, he recently told Grub Street, "I don't want to be a media whore." 

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