Canning And Preserving, All in One

October 1, 2011

My latest project, Canning and Preserving, All In One, has arrived via UPS today! This book has been a daunting task of writing down more than 100 recipes - many of which were handed down to me by my grandmother and many others learned by trial and error. There are chapters about all methods of food preservation: canning, drying, fermenting, juicing, pickling, curing, freezing, smoking, brewing and more. Really, this book is the go-to guide for every kitchen. 

It is not always easy to explain how and why some of the more obscure food preservation methods are important, much less try to convince someone to give them a try. I hope that you all will take a look, buy one for your local library, and spend some more time in your kitchen, working with food. 

What makes this book special, is that I am actively using the recipes within on a daily basis. You can always come here to Foodista, to ask me a question about any of the methods, or recipes therein. 

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When I click on the link, Amazon rejects it. Bummer, because I'm interested.