Try A Maggot Melt

October 5, 2011

If you are in the mood for something different, why not head over to the Arizona State Fair and try of one their Maggot Melt burgers? 

That's right folks, a burger bun, topped with a handful of juicy maggots and cheese. Why you would want to try one, i'm not sure. With all the other strange but creative foods that have started popping up at fairs around the country, there doesn't seem to be a need to start turning to shock value in order to sell your product.

If you are attending the Arizona State Fair, why not try alligator on a stick, or a deep fried Twinkie instead? Still different and so much less creepy.  

(My son insists that I mention the above photo is actually of mealworms, not maggots.)

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Joanne's picture

The act of attending the Arizona State Fair is taking your life in your hands, let alone- you now say there is a maggot sandwich. If you go, go in the day. Night there is not safe.

SLA's picture

Not really very nice to disparage an entire state fair like that. I hope people on here don't take you seriously.

SLA's picture

The maggots used for these sandwiches are specifically raised under sanitary conditions for human consumption purposes. They are an excellent source of protein and demonstrate alternatives to "red meat" - which uses huge amounts of resources to produce - as a protein source. Many parts of the world consume insects for their protein.

There's really nothing wrong with "thinking outside the Mac Donald's box", considering the state of the planet's resources!