Eat Off of Saddam Hussein's Looted Dishes

October 7, 2011

Quirky Park Avenue Autumn, a restaurant that changes its name with the season, announced that it will serve a dish off looted plates that once belonged to ousted Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein. 

The art/entree consists of "venison topped with a date syrup" and is called "Spoils." It will be available in the restaurant until the end of November. Chef Kevin Lasko teamed up with Chicago-based artist Michael Rakowitz to create the plate. 

Eater NY quotes a press release about the dish, "As symbols of the past, they represent the rich and complicated history of a place long misunderstood by its invaders. With over 627 varieties of dates grown in the country, the date is to Iraq as a cigar is to Cuba, or Champagne to France."