Listeria Outbreak Dramatically Worsens

October 8, 2011

Several days ago we told you about an outbreak of listeria in lettuce. That followed news of a massive outbreak of listeria in cantaloupes from one farm in Colorado. Unfortunately that original listeria outbreak continues to grow and worsen, as the recalls continue to expand. 

At least 21 people have died after being infected with listeria from the cantaloupes. Experts believe that number will continue to grow. There have been 109 confirmed illnesses from the tainted fruit, including the 21 deaths, across 23 states. 

There have been five deaths in Colorado, five in New Mexico, two in Texas, two in Kansas and one each in Maryland, Missouri, Nebraska and Oklahoma. 

The FDA also announced a recall of 4,800 packages of pre-cut fruit containers because the cantaloupe within them could be contaminated. Fruit Fresh Up, Inc. prepared the fruit containers using cantaloupes from the farm where the outbreak originated. The containers were only sold in New York State. Another reason to prepare your fruit salads at home! 



Jahnavi's picture

I can't believe this is happening. Why aren't they able to contain the source? I hope this ends soon...I like cantaloupes. I feel bad all those people who lost their lives. This is really sad.