Will Estes is a Self Professed Health Food Nut

October 8, 2011

Blue Bloods star, Will Estes says he is all about leading a healthy lifestyle.

“I bought this great juicer and I’m making my own juices at home. It’s a whole process," he said. "I’m kind of a health food nut.”

The actor has also thought about opening up his own restaurant, like many other celebrities, but this one would have its own twist.

“I thought about opening a bar where people could do shots of raw cold pressed ginger," Estes said. "I think half the fun of doing a shot is it’s kinda hard to do, and doing a shot of raw cold pressed ginger is just as hard as doing a shot of tequila. I think there might be a market for it.”

Something tells me a shot of ginger might be a little harder to swallow than a shot of tequila.

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