Natalie Portman Salutes LA School District for Healthy School Lunches

October 24, 2011

Natalie Portman has reached out to the Los Angeles Unified School District to commend them for their efforts to encourage students to eat healthy school lunches. The school district recently introduced a new in-school program to give kids healthier options for lunch. The new cafeteria menus include more plant-based and nutritious options. The district is also running a campaign to educate students about healthy eating.

“As a new parent, I love your district’s emphasis on healthy meal options and nutritious education," Portman wrote in a letter to Unified School District's superintendent, Dr. John Deasy. "By serving healthy menu items like fresh salads, avocado wraps, and black bean burgers, you’re helping students develop a taste for nutritious foods. But you’re also making sure students understand how food affects their bodies so they’re more likely to bypass the cheeseburgers and put healthful items on their trays."

Portman also said that she is worried about her son's generation when it comes to overall health and childhood obesity, but she is happy that the school district is taking a proactive approach to reversing the issue.

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