Knife Skills: How to Sharpen a Knife

November 4, 2011

The key to great knife skills is having a sharp knife. More accidents in the kitchen come from having a dull knife as opposed to a sharp knife.  You can sharpen your knife on a honing steel (as shown in the video) or with a stone.  I am not a fan of electric sharpener's because they shave off to much metal but those are also available.  You want to sharpen your knife each time you use it.  That will keep an edge on your blade.  This video shows proper technique for sharpening your knife with a honing steel.


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Richard Blaine's picture

Very informative video. You have a good understanding of blade geometry! Not to many folks understand the honing steel at all and it's good to see someone that does!

Simon Boroff's picture

Great video! I actually did the same thing!

Jason Board's picture

Fantastic video! This should help some people out.

Jamie Deknight's picture

I've looked all over the net and only found small guides but this video is great! well done!

I just found this <a href="">Best Knife Sharpener</a> guide too, which is great.