5 Tasty Tamale Recipes

November 7, 2011

Not to brag, but I am a pretty good cook. It's either that, or my family is trained to eat what they are served, and based on their other personality traits, that is not the case. 

Last week, I was thrilled to be making fairly authentic tamales. It took careful budgeting, careful planning and a whole lot of effort. Tamales are not hard to make, just completely new to me and that required more time. 

Long story short: All but the few obligatory tamales that everyone ate, are now in the freezer. I will be eating them for many, many days. To me, they tasted fabulous. To the family, not so much. 

Instead of crying in my hot sauce, I decided to come up with another type of tamale; a better tamale. One that my family will beg to eat. Here are 5 tasty recipes to get me started:

Tamale Pie

Beef, Poblano & Cheese Tamales

Chipotle Pork Tamales

Peruvian Coastal Tamales

Chicken and Vegetarian Tamales With Red Mole Sauce

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