Mariah Carey is Starting her Kids Off on a Healthy Diet

November 11, 2011

Mariah Carey has recently lost 70 pounds after having her twin babies, Morrocan and Monroe. It seems she found some inspiration from her new diet and says that she is going to make sure her children are healthy eaters.

Currently, Carey has Roc and Roe eating more vegetables than fruits, and even makes her own baby food.

“We use a Baby Bullet (to purée the food)," Carey said. "I’m trying to cut down on all the sugar. You’ll make them happy with applesauce, but they do like zucchini.”

The new mom added that the 6-month-old twins have just started eating cereal.


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Her twins are aren't both girls, Moroccan is a boy!

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Whoops! My bad!