North Korean Restauranteurs React to Kim Jong-Il's Death

December 20, 2011

The Wall Street Journal sent a reporter to interview some of the North Korean owners of restaurants in China about the death of their "dear leader" Kim Jong-Il. Their reactions tended to be akin to the reactions shown on national TV. 

At the D.P.R. Korean Restaurant in Shanghai: 

"A lone woman in a black sweater – presumably the manager – sat sobbing at the table furthest from the door. With a vacant stare and warming her hands on a cup of tea, the woman’s eyes were puffy and red. The noise of would-be patrons brought four younger women out from a back room. All were wearing traditional choson-ot and likewise had moist eyes and sullen faces."

Another restaurateur, when confronted with the news, simply replied "it is fake." 

The story was much different in the Untied States. A former North Korean-spy turned sausage restaurant owner replied "I'm so happy," when asked for her reaction to Kim's death.