People Now Getting Crunked on Soup

January 7, 2012

New York's Cellar Bar may be on the forefront of a new trend: serving people soups with alcohol in them. That way you combine your food and alcohol needs into one finished product. The restaurant announced three of the alcoholic soups. 

Those soups are a carrot-ginger, lobster bisque and herb tomato, each filled with various alcohols. Is this the beginning of a new trend? 

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Homer's picture

I came up with this idea three-four weeks ago, sydney was having an unprecedented cold summer and my normal cold summer cocktails (Which I also invented-- everyone who tries one of my drinks wants the recipes) where not as appetizing, hence a alcoholic soup. All my friends said i was crazy (or at least a little drunk) --- Its good to know Im no more crazy (or drunk) then an American.