Charlize Theron Snacked on KFC While Filming 'Young Adult'

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January 13, 2012

When filming Charlize Theron's latest movie, Young Adult, she wanted to make sure she did her character justice. When it came to the unhealthy foods her character eats in the movie, Theron said she used it as an opportunity to indulge in junk food and considered those days on set as "freebies." 

"Yeah I get to eat like a pig," Charlize said. "I love that people are like 'What's in that Diet Coke? What did you really drink?' I'm like 'Diet Coke.' What's in the KFC chicken?' 'It's KFC chicken!'" 

Theron admitted that her character's diet in Young Adult caught up with her in real life.

"I get fat like everyone else," she said. "I hate those women that are like 'I'm just naturally so thin.' Pow! Punch you in the face. Everybody gets fat."

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