America's Most Unique Food Trucks

January 22, 2012

Mobile eateries continues to be one of the hottest food trends in America.  With an industry now saturated with every kind of food truck imaginable,  U.S. News searched far and wide to find those they deemed to be the most unique and creative.  Here are their finds for 2011.

1. Yumbii in Atlanta, GA: A mix of Asian, Southern, and Mexican that make a mean panko crusted fish taco and their chipotle-infused ketchup.

2. Frysmith in Los Angeles, C: A truck that makes French fries the main event with crazy toppings like marinated skirt steak, kimchi, and caramelized onions

3. CapMac in Washington, D.C. : The ultimate comfort food has gone mobile and gourmet with goat cheese macaroni and cheese with crispy onions, fall greens, and braised pork.

4. Streetza Pizza in Milwaukee, WI and Cleveland, OH: Streetza is serving the mid-west large slices of pizza with unusual toppings including pumpkin, crab, and a s'mores pizza.

5. Solar Waffle Works in Portland, OR: Belgian waffles are given a makeover at this Oregonian street cart with "quirky concoctions of sweet jams and maple syrup, as well as savory flavors like Gouda cheese and bacon.

6. Chef Shack in Minneapolis - St. Paul, MN: All of the ingredients used in this food truck come from local farms and co-ops.  The menu is a smorgasbord with items like bacon beer brats, watermelon gazpacho, and Indian-spiced mini donuts.

7. Coolhaus in Austin, Texas; Los Angeles, CA; New York City, NY; and Miami, FL: Cold or hot weather, rain or shine, Coolhaus serves up interesting and unique made-to-order ice cream sandwiches like red velvet ice cream with a double chocolate salted cookie.

8. Biscuit Bike in New York City, NY: Serving organic doggie treats to the pooch loving crowd of New York City.


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