What Is The Actual Cost Of Slow Food

January 28, 2012

What is the actual cost of slow food? That is the question that continues to be a hot topic for SlowFood.org. Recently, we wrote about the issues that were affecting SlowFood members, and how the turmoil has affected the organization, and created conversation all over the internet. 

When Poppy Tooker, one of the prominent voices of the slow food movement, responded to the discourse, we printed her creative and yet succinct ideas to move the organization forward. 

Recently, Josh Viertel, President of SlowFood.org, had a thought provoking response of his own, over at The Atlantic. In part, Josh spoke of his experience selling food grown by his own hand, and his vision of SlowFood.org being an organization that is concerned about all facets of food: from soil and toil, to plate.  

His unenviable task, is to bring both sides of the argument to the a place where enough people want to buy the food that the farmers want to grow. There is not right or wrong at this point. Each side of the argument stands with their back turned against one another. Until SlowFood.org can find that sweet spot between farmers and customers, this argument needs to go on. 

We at Foodista, urge you all to read the links provided in this blog, comment on the posts, and generate conversations within your own food networks. We all need to make slow food work. 

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Poppy Tooker's picture

Amy, thank you for continuing the discussion. Anyone who has ever been part of the movement and felt the true power of Slow Food wants to see Slow Food work. Therein lies the problem. There has been too much "strategic planning" with no REAL work being done. The chapters that are continuing to thrive are doing so in spite of the Brooklyn office, not because of it. The disconnect is wide and the fact that it is finally becoming the focus of various press outlets like Foodista give hope to those of us who have watched the gaping chasm open.