Periodic Table Wine Labels

February 18, 2012

Students of the grape can enjoy the periodic table wine labels put together by Wines of Substance in Washington State. The name of each grape variety they turn into a wine is shortened in order to recall the familiar and iconic Periodic Table of the Elements. So what do you think the next element, er, grape should be?

I'm really fond of the Malbec. (Mb on the Periodic Table of Grapes.) Though Argentina put Malbec on the map and in the glass for many wine drinkers, this grape is making a stand in Washington. Stylistically, it is more restrained than ultra-juicy Argentine Malbec; a little more elegant and refined.  (Two qualities I like in a wine.) My guess is that it has to do with one of the fruit sources for this wine: the Mars Hill Vineyard. The high elevation of this site helps keep a welcome level of natural acidity in the wine to prevent it from being gloppy with fruit.

I shouldn’t be surprised that this wine is such a smashing success. Wines of Substance is a collaboration between Waters Winery and Gramercy Cellars, two wineries that produce some of my favorite Washington wines. Buying and enjoying these wines is elementary, my dear wine drinkers.

And if you're looking for a great pairing with this wine, try bacon. Enjoy the two together while relaxing on your Bacon Periodic Table pillow.

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