Josh Hutcherson Talks About the Importance of Food in 'The Hunger Games'

March 17, 2012

Josh Hutcherson stars in The Hunger Games and reveals that food was not just central to his character, but also to his experience while filming. 

"There is actually two sides to that whole equation," the actor said. "There's how my diet was key to getting me in shape, and the fact that [my character] Peeta is a baker."

Hutcherson said playing a baker wasn't too far off because he likes to dabble in the kitchen from time to time. 

"I actually do like to cook and enjoy baking," he said. "I make these cake ball things, which I learned from my mom -- kind of like cake popsicles -- but more importantly, I know how to make a mean apple pie!"

It was the months before the actual filming of The Hunger Games that were the most grueling for Hutcherson. He was trained by an ex-Navy SEAL who put him on a diet that has left a bad taste in his mouth. 

"I used to like chicken. But after months and months of virtually having to eat little else, I really think I won't be able to even look at a chicken breast for quite a while." 

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