Felicity Huffman Celebrates Salad’tude With Dole

June 8, 2012

Felicity Huffman has confessed to being a salad fanatic, so it is only fitting that she is the celebrity Dole chose to help promote their Salad'tude campaign. 

The actress says there are two reasons why she decided to join in on Dole's efforts, the first being "this made up word called salad'tude. Which at first made me go what are you guys smoking?! But I ended up liking it because you can make it what you want!" 

The second reason Huffman was so on board is Dole's partnership with Feeding America. 

"They partner with the biggest national hunger relief society, Feeding America," Huffman said. "This organization takes care of 14 million children, 3 million of those are 5-years-old or under. I thought 'here is a way of making it easy for people to eat healthier, making it okay to have fun with their salads, and taking care of people who can't take care of themselves.'" 

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