Martha Stewart Talks Fast Food

July 28, 2012

Martha Stewart is currently on a publicity tour for her new show on PBS, Martha Stewart's Cooking School. She was making vinaigrettes with fans in California when the topic of fast-food came up.

"Never ate fast food. I proudly can tell you that I've eaten one Burger King and I think maybe two McDonald's... and today I ate an In-N-Out burger," Stewart said. "It was okay. You know, it's not my favorite food. I would much rather have a salad or sushi or something like that."

Stewart says her healthy eating is thanks to the habits instilled in her as a child by her parents.

"No junk food, no soda. Anathema," she said. "Even though I snuck down to my friend's house whose father worked for Pepsi, and every now and then we had a Pepsi with whipped cream in it. Delicious." 

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