Crispy Shoestring Zucchini

August 6, 2012

Take advantage of this summer squash by making these delicious shoestring zucchini by Michele Morris.  Thin ribbons of zucchini are deep fried until golden brown and crispy.  To achieve uniform slices, it is best to use the julienne blade on a food slicer (also known as a mandoline) or by shredding the zucchini in the food processor.  Serve your shoestring zucchini with any dish that usually calls for French fries.


Shoestring Zucchini


3 cups canola oil
Start by shredding zucchini on the fine setting of a mandoline.
Heat canola oil in a saucepan over medium high heat to 350 degrees. (You know it’s ready (about 350 degrees) when you dangle in a zucchini strip and it sizzles.)
When the oil is hot, carefully add a good handful of the shredded zucchini to the oil – it will bubble fiercely because of the water in the zucchini, so just let it go awhile.
When the water has started cooking out (5 minutes or more), the bubbles will die down a bit and you will see the zucchini start to turn brown. Keep cooking it until it’s mostly browned, but not burning.
Remove with a spider or slotted spoon and drain on paper towels while you cook the next batch.
Make sure to salt the fried shoestring zucchini while it’s still hot.

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Bibi @Bibi's Culinary Journey's picture

This is such a great recipe. I need to make some for my boys. I just bought bag of zucchinis at the market:)