Must Have: Pop Rock Infused Cotton Candy

September 6, 2012

What if you can't get enough fun from a handful of cotton candy? How about trying some cotton candy with a twist? From our wacky friends over at, buy some Pop Rocks- infused cotton candy. All the fun of your two favorite treats, combined in one delicious bite. 

We think this should be available in every store where candy is sold, but it's too cool for the common retailer. You have to hustle on over to Vat 19 in order to buy some of this cool, new candy treat. 

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Poppin Cotton Candy can be order through Vat19 or directly through Tiki Sweetz. Its such a fun treat or gift! Flavors we are offering are blueberry, strawberry, banana, pina colada, grape, orange, and apple. Try one, try all!