Daniel Bryan Stops Vegan Diet Because of Soy Allergy

September 28, 2012

World Wrestling Entertainment star, Daniel Bryan, was a devout vegan until he discovered his allergy to soy.

"I became a vegan for health issues and then I developed a soy intolerance," Bryan said. "So, I've been getting really sick lately. It's a very unmanly way to stop being vegan, to have a soy intolerance. But I was getting sick all the time, and they were trying to figure out what it was and they found out it was the soy."  

Bryan said it became difficult to maintain his vegan diet while traveling because soy was his main source of protein. 

"Being on the road, being vegan and trying to get your protein in other than soy, there's just nothing to eat," he said. "There's soy in everything. Most of the vegan things you can eat are tofu dishes and whatnot, made out of soy." 

The wrestling champ said he hasn't completely gone back to eating meat, but tries to stick to getting his protein from eggs. 

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