Sunday Supper - Pork Butt

November 7, 2012

We are having a spectacular Pork Butt dinner for Supper this week. It is especially nice, because I rubbed the pork with a dry rub last night, and wrapped it up until tomorrow morning. Then, it cooks low and slow, all day long. 

Pork is one meal that brings the kids out of every nook and cranny they are in. It's funny how some kids will ask my children what we are having for dinner, and mysteriously ask to sleep over that same night. I must be doing something right. 

This pork roast is simply divine, with the addition of a favorite rub of mine. Here is the recipe: 

The Rub

1/3 cup paprika
1/4 cup brown sugar
3 Tbsp pepper
3 Tbsp salt
2 Tbsp Italian Seasoning
1 Tbsp Garlic pwd
1 Tbsp Onion pwd
2 tsp cayenne

Then, roast in a pan on 275, for 5 hours, or until internal temp reads 145 degrees. My roast is 7 lbs, so I will start checking at the 5 hr mark. 

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