Matthew McConaughey Eats First Burger After Extreme Weight Loss

January 8, 2013

Matthew McConaughey lost a ridiculous amount of weight for an upcoming movie, but it seems shooting for the film is finally over because McConaughey revealed he has indulged in his very first hamburger since losing the weight last year. The actor says he waited until the meal was just right before digging in. 

"I've put on 20 pounds, 25 pounds since I finished that film, and I ate a cheeseburger first thing," McConaughey told CNN. "I doozed it up for over 22 minutes before I touched it. It was in front of me, but I wouldn't touch it until I had it just right. And it was just as good as I hoped it was." 

Sounds like the long wait for that cheeseburger was well worth it! 

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