Thirsty Thursdays: The Showstopper

February 21, 2013

With the weekend so near and the Oscars approaching, wind down this Thursday with The Showstopper.  This refreshing cocktail is shaken with tangerine vodka, various citrus juices and a splash of lemon lime soda.  You should sip on this throughout the awards ceremony.


The Showstopper


2 parts Skinnygirl™ Tangerine Vodka
Squirt of fresh lime
Squirt of fresh lemon
Squirt of fresh orange
Splash of Lemon-lime soda
Orange slice to garnish


Shake Skinnygirl™ Tangerine Vodka, lime, lemon and orange juices with ice and strain into martini glass. Top off with a splash of lemon-lime soda and garnish with an orange slice.

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