Infographic: 25 Kitchen Hacks for Cooking With a Mixer

March 28, 2013

A mixer has the potential to become your favorite kitchen appliance, but I bet you don't know just how many things you can do with this handy tool. The folks at Macy's want you to know all the many reasons why you need a mixer in your life. 

The infographic below proves that one little KitchenAid mixer can actually replace 25 other kitchen tools. A mixer can serve as a shredder and grater, saving you from sore fingers. It also serves as a beater, which means you no longer have to mix dough manually. The mixer can also work as a vegetable and fruit strainer -- basically you can go to town with juicing all you like and use just one appliance to do all the work. 

See more ways mixers make your life easier in the infographic below.