The Easter Bunny Apologizes for Preservative-Filled Candy

March 28, 2013

The Easter Bunny is feeling a little less cheerful this year. He's finally realized just how bad candy can be for you and is feeling very apologetic about the treats he's been putting his Easter baskets all these years. So, he has issued an official apology and is heading out on the Sorry Bunny tour. 

"I am so sorry I didn't read the labels earlier. I had no idea. Does anyone even know what partially hydrogenated oils, PGPR and shellac are?" the Easter Bunny said in a statement. . I'm going to make things right. Luckily I found this little company UNREAL that makes candy from all real stuff and is the best candy I ever tasted." 

UNREAL says they couldn't have found a better bunny to sponsor. 

"We are so excited to be the official sponsor of the Easter Bunny's Apology Tour, and we hope lots more candy companies will unjunk their candy and join the tour," said Nicky Brooner, the founder of UNREAL who also happens to be 16-years-old. "UNREAL is on a mission to unjunk the world, starting with candy, and with help from the Easter Bunny and our special friends, we can have the world unjunked before you know it." 

You can keep tabs on the Easter Bunny during his travels at and on Twitter @TheSorryBunny. You can also read his entire apology letter below and see how he discovered UNREAL candy in the video below. 

I am so very sorry.

For years, I have been hopping around giving out candy, and I never read the labels. Well, recently I did, and it made my fur stand straight up. I have been a bad, bad bunny.

Luckily, I found this little company, UNREAL®, that makes candy from all real stuff. It's the best candy I ever tasted! I really think you're going to love it.

Let me know. I'm all ears.

Most sincerely,

The Easter Bunny