Infographic: The Multiple Personalities of Coffee Drinkers

June 25, 2013

Coffee drinkers may all have one thing in common, but that doesn't mean they are all the same. The infographic below from Loku outlines the many different personalities of coffee drinkers. 

You have the Business Person coffee drinker who generally prefers drinking black coffee or Americanos, and will usually ask for their cup to-go. The Addict is really the coffee drinker to look out for. The Addicts take their coffee extra large and with a side of Asprin. They're also the ones who are constantly getting refills and would prefer their coffee in the form of an IV drip. 

Other coffee drinkers include The Gossip, The Snob, The Night Owl, The Early Starter, The Europhile, and The Ex-Tea Drinker. Learn all about them in the infographic below. 

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