Food Gifts: Candied Cranberries

December 2, 2013

Here is a food gift that is a bit different. Use fresh cranberries that are available right now, and candy them! We think this is brilliant!

Candied Cranberries

2 1/2 cups sugar, plus about 1 more cup to roll the cranberries in
1 3/4 cups water
1 tsp vanilla
1 tsp orange liquor - or orange extract, coconut is also delicious
1 12 ounce bag fresh cranberries Combine the 2 1/2 cups sugar, water, vanilla and other flavoring choices into a heavy bottom saucepan.

Heat over medium heat until the sugar is dissolved, do not let the mixture boil!

Once the sugar is fully dissolved turn off the heat and remove the pan from the heat.

Wash the cranberries and pour them into a large bowl. Pour the syrup over the cranberries and place a heavy plate on the cranberries to keep them submerged.

Refrigerate for 2-12 hours, depending on how sweet your want your cranberries.

Once you have reached desired sweetness, drain the cranberries (reserving the syrup for another use) and roll the cranberries in the reserved 1 cup sugar until fully covered.

Store covered in the refrigerator until all gone!

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