Vegetarian Stir Fry: Spicy Chinese Eggplant

December 28, 2013

Eggplant is a wonderfully versatile vegetarian option because it absorbs stronger flavors of a sauce or marinade. This Chinese stir-fried eggplant from Ami's Vegetarian Delicacies is coated in a delicious tomato-chili sauce, easily blended in a food processor.

Stir Fried Eggplant in Spicy Chilli Sauce


2 Large Eggplants
Salt to taste
100ml vegetable oil
1 Tbsp chili flakes
2 tbsp Soy sauce
1 tbsp white vinegar
Handful of coriander leaves (cilantro)
5 fresh red chilies
1 Onion
3 garlic cloves
1 large tomato

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