5 Brownie Recipes You Need to Bake

June 19, 2014

Fudgy, decadent, and delicious, brownies are an all-time favorite American treat.  This chocolaty baked bar is customizable to fit your favorite flavors.  You can keep it simple by throwing in chopped nuts and chocolate chips or go gourmet and swirl in cream cheese or peanut butter. More importantly, brownies from scratch are far better then anything you can bake from a box.  These brownie recipes deviate from the classic to encourage you to try something different. 

Peanut Butter and Jelly Brownies
Recipe from Kitchenette

The classic sandwich has gotten a makeover in this brownie recipe.  Creamy peanut butter and raspberry jam are laced in the brownie batter.  Feel free to switch up the jam and use strawberry or cherry jam instead.

Cake Batter Brownies
Recipe from Couldn't be Parve

Cookie dough makes everything taste better.  These brownies are a guaranteed crowd pleaser.


Espresso Caramel Cheesecake Brownies
Recipe from Super Golden Bakes

Espresso spiked brownies are swirled with a caramel cream cheese to make this dynamite dessert.  

Rocky Road Brownies
Recipe from Baking Pretty

These brownies are loaded with maraschino cherries, marshmallows, walnuts and of course chocolate.  Every bite will remind you of the retro ice cream flavor.


White Chocolate Lemon Brownies
Recipe from Averie Cooks

These moist white chocolate lemon brownies are a delicious change of pace compared to traditional chocolate brownies.  You can also do this recipe with oranges or limes.

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