Burger King Introduces The Proud Whopper

July 3, 2014

Burger King of San Francisco has launched an ad campaign that we think is pretty beautiful. Introducing the Burger King Proud Whopper, wrapped in a rainbow colored outer paper. This limited edition burger has more than a pretty face. Inside, customers found the wrappers message printed on the inside: We Are All The Same Inside. 

The Proud Whopper was available from June 29-July 3; Gay Pride Week in San Francisco. 

Proceeds of the burger's sales are going to to go to the Burger King McLamore Foundation, which helps LGBT high school seniors who graduate next spring, to go to college. If you missed the Proud Whopper, you are not alone. It was only available at one Burger King location. 

Check out the video of actual customers unwrapping their Proud Whopper for the first time, and reading the message inside. 


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