3 Must Try Cool Summer Pies

July 5, 2014

Even in the hottest days of summer, dessert should always be on the menu. Make it easier to find the perfect dessert, by choosing a cool, sweet pie as your choice to finish off the meal. We chose three delicious pies that are just so outstanding, it's hard to choose our favorite. This means we are going to have to make all three and then try them all. In fact, maybe we should eat all three at the same time.

Pink Lemonade Pie

From The Prepared Pantry

Sweet and tart, this is a wonderfully tasty pie that is cool and fruity. It's a twist on a classic 50's pie, and the included variations will give you an entire list of yummy changes to keep this pie in your fridge all summer long. 

Bailey's Salted Caramel Chocolate Pie

From She Wears Many Hats

Cool and fluffy, chocolate pie is our goto dessert. First of all, it's chocolate. If you honestly need another reason, it's whipped with fluffy cream and then chilled to perfection. It's more than just chocolate. This delicious treat also includes caramel and Bailey's for additional flavoring. No worries if you are serving this to family. There is just enough Bailey's to flavor, it doesn't add a discernable amount of alcohol at all.


Fluffy Banana Cream Pie

From A Spicy Perspective

Creamy Banana Cream Pie is piled high with whipped cream and toasted coconut. If that doesn't make you want to try this one, we aren't sure what will. We love the fresh taste of bananas, and your family is going to love it! 

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