Amazing Grilled Cherry Milkshake

July 14, 2014

Milkshakes are a family favorite during the heat of summer. They are traditionally made from a few simple ingredients: milk and ice cream. Lucky for us, foodies from all over the world have been playing around with the recipe and coming up with delicious alternatives. For instance, this recipe for Grilled Cherry Milkshake, is actually dairy free, since the base is coconut milk! Grilling the cherries is genius as well. This makes the sugars in the sweet berries become even sweeter, and offers a lovely contrast of grilled flavors with the supersweet fruit. What an inviting recipe for everyone, vegans included. It's extra tasty alongside your favorite grilled veggies, and makes a wonderful dessert for anytime at all. Check it out! 

Grilled Cherry Milkshake

From Edible Perspective

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