Best State Burgers: West Coast Style

July 27, 2014

It's high grilling season, and burgers are on the menu across the country. Thanks to Taste of Home magazine, every state in the country gets a chance to showcase their specialty burger that encompasses the uniqueness their food culture. The results are mouthwatering. Take a look at the first in our series of burger beauties from every region in the United States. First up, the delicious western states of  Alaska, California, Hawaii, and Idaho. Enjoy!

Alaska: Surf and Turf Burger

Fresh crab meat, a bit of lemon juice, and a dollop of cocktail sauce, make up this one of a kind burger. Sink your teeth into one of these beauties, and enjoy the salty, savory, tangy marriage of what could be called a perfect burger. 

California: Caesar Burger

How about a juicy burger topped with crunchy Romaine lettuce, Caesar dressing, and shaved parmesan cheese. Serve it on a grilled sourdough roll, and you have the perfect taste of California.

Hawaii: Plate Lunch

It's comfort food combined with the deliciousness of a grilled burger, all in one! The Plate Lunch is a hot, juicy burger, topped with cool macaroni salad. We think it deserves a dill pickle spear and some applause. 

Idaho: Yo Potato

Coming from the potato state, it's no surprise that this fabulous burger creation features not one, but two forms of the famous spuds. The Yo Potato boasts a burger topped with kettle chips and onion dip, served on a potato roll. Full on flavor! 

Still hungry? How about some of these western state offerings? We love them all!

Arizona: Chipotle 
Chopped chipotle in adobo sauce, red onion and queso fresco
Colorado: Denver Omelet
Cover with fried egg and sautéed green pepper and onions
Nevada: Vegas Martini Burger
mix a touch of vodka into mayonnaise, then spread on buns with a dotting of green olives
New Mexico: Green Chile 
topped with smoky cheese and chopped green chiles
Oregon: Jam & Cheddar
First a spoonful of marionberry jam, blanketed in Tillamook cheddar
Utah: Crown Burger
Add pastrami, cheese, tomato, lettuce and thousand island dressing
Washington: Toppings & Tots 
Spoon a mix of mayo, mustard, relish and salad dressing on your burger. Include a side of tater tots

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