Best State Burgers: Southern Style

August 3, 2014

It's a pretty regular thing for the southern states to make it onto a list of great foods. This list of best state burgers is no exception. Thanks to Taste of Home, we have these fabulous burgers to share, all from the southern region of the US. Each one is delish and all so different. We love it! 


Peach and Vidalia Burger

Sweet and sassy, this burger is covered with mayonnaise, fresh sliced peaches and sauteed Vidalia onions. It doesn't get any more southern than that! 


Big Brisket Burger

Everything is bigger in Texas. Even this burger makes all other seem like they are for kids. Pile up your best brisket on top of some fabulous beef burger, and don't forget the Texas toast. Amazing.

New Mexico:

Green Chili Burger

Top your favorite burger with smoky cheese and chopped green chilies. It's a winner! 

Still hungry? How about these beauties: 

Alabama: George Washington Carver
Peanut butter topped with bacon
Arkansas: Arkansas Sin
Mix together softened cream cheese, shredded cheddar, chopped onions, diced ham and jalapenos
Florida: Cuba Libre
Stir lime juice, a pinch of zest, a dash of Coca-Cola and a little rum into your bbq sauce. Then douse your burger
Kentucky: Hot Brown
Layer on crispy bacon, thick slices of tomato and grated Pecorino
Louisiana: Hot Burger
Slap on some mayo mixed with creole seasoning and a bit of tabasco
Mississippi: Slugburger
Replace bread crumbs with potato flakes, then deep-fry the patty—this burger cost a nickel, or “slug”, in the 1900’s
North Carolina: Carolina BBQ
Douse with a vinegar-based BBQ sauce, slaw and pickles
Oklahoma: Onion
Load sautéed onions and American cheese, all on an onion bun
South Carolina: Fried Green Tomato & Pimento
Cover with fried green tomatoes and pimento cheese, layered on a big biscuit
Tennessee: Jack D
Mound burger with pulled pork and a little Jack Daniels whiskey, with just a little cayenne pepper
Virginia: Virginia Ham
Stack on salty, smoky ham slices and a smear of honey mustard BBQ sauce
West Virginia: Chow-Chow
Dollop burger with your favorite jarred chow-chow, the crunchy vegetable relish

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