Healthy Sweet Treats

August 7, 2014

Oat Cake with Berries

From Lazy Sunday Cooking

Oatcake has such a homey sound to it, right? We love that this is a sweet treat that is actually low fat and lower than average sugar. Why not consider this a breakfast bar along with a piece of fruit to even things out a little. Your little chefs will just love this!

Low Fat Chocolate Brownies

From Savvy Naturalista

Chocolate is always a yes, so let's try to make things just as chocolaty, but less sugary. Check out these low fat chocolate brownies. They have all the flavor and are just a little healthier than the regular version. Win!

Lowfat Chocolate Raspberry Trifle


Imagine fresh raspberries, fluffy whipped cream, and rich chocolate pudding. Then layer all that goodness with chunks of sweet angel food cake. So good and so easy! 

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