Awesome Healthy Snacks For Kids

August 14, 2014

Feeding kids is a challenge. With all the commercialism of fake, unhealthy so called "snacks", kids tend to think that if it doesn't come form a bag or wrapper, it doesn't taste good. We love these awesome healthy snacks foods for kids will change all of that. Eating healthy in the younger years, can make a life long impression. Studies have shown that the more kids are adventurous in eating when they are young, the more they will accept healthy and unusual foods as they grow. Check out our list! 

Watermelon Cake

From Petit World Citizen

Calling this watermelon cake may be a stretch, but how fun to offer a slice of this juicy masterpiece when you have a house full of kids. So cool isn't it? 

Frozen Blueberry Yogurt Bark

From Dash of Butter

First off, this frozen blueberry yogurt bark is stunning. How wonderful that a healthy treat like this is just as much eye-candy as it is healthy to eat. We love it!

Cinnamon Apple Fruit Leather

From Savory Simple

There is not a child out there who doesn't love fruit leather. This one is flavored with the surprising kick of cinnamon. Isn't it pretty? 

I love making fruit leather. It's quick to put together, and the kids are getting something very healthy while thinking it's just a treat. Here is my recipe for Blueberry Fruit leather. 

4 cups of pureed blueberries makes 8-12 servings. 2 1/2 cups covers an 18X14 inch area, 1/4 inch thick.
1 Cover your drying trays or baking sheets with food grade plastic wrap. If your dehydrator comes with special sheets for the trays, use those.
2 Wash fruit and remove any blemishes
3 Puree the fruit in a blender until smooth. If your puree is too thick, add water by the Tablespoon. 
4 Taste puree and add honey 1 Tablespoon at a time to sweeten, if desired. 
5 Spread puree onto prepared trays to a thickness of 1/8 inch in the center and 1/4 inch. The edges dry quicker than the center, and the extra puree is necessary to get an even drying finish. 
6 Dry fruit leather at 135 degrees in a food dehydrator or 140 degrees in a conventional oven. The fruit leather should be pliable and leather-like with no stickiness in the center.
7 Roll warm fruit leather still attached to the plastic, into a roll. Leave the rolls whole, or cut them into pieces with scissors. Store the rolls in a plastic bag or an airtight container.

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