The Color Of These Foods Will Blow Your Mind

August 19, 2014

Healthy eating means plenty of beautiful colors. We found some recipes that are so pretty, they are guaranteed to blow your mind. Check out a spring green smoothie, rich purple chips and even rainbow colored burritos! 

Greek Rainbow Chard Burritos

From Clean Wellness

Use healthy rainbow chard to wrap up these delicious burritos. We love the fresh flavor that chard brings, and the health benefits can't be beat. So tasty!

Beetroot Chips With Orange and Sea Salt

From Nourish and Inspire Me

Such a lovely recipe, it's hard to believe these salty, citrus chips are packed with healthy goodness. Their secret? Beets! 

Shocking Green Juice

From Chipotle Potato

Spring green and loaded with freshness, this smoothie is the perfect start to your busy day. It's so beautiful and good for you. A winner!

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