Kitchen Secrets Video: How to Dice a Carrot

August 21, 2014

Dicing a carrot can be difficult given the shape of a carrot. It rolls around the cutting board, making it not only difficult but also a little dangerous. Learn how to safely dice a carrot with these easy steps in this episode of Foodista's Kitchen Secrets. Tom Black, of Gourmondo Catering, shows you how.

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Video Transcription:

Hi, I’m Tom Black the executive chef at the Gourmondo Catering Company. We are at our Elliot Cafe in downtown Seattle. And today we are talking about dicing. We are going to use a carrot today, it is one of the more difficult vegetables to dice simply because its round and it rolls. I’ve peeled the carrot. I’ve cut the core off. I’ve take the root end off and I’ve taken the tip off. And now I am going to cut it directly in half. Taking just the slightest bit of material off, gives it a nice flat stop. Once I’ve done that I’m going to cut the carrot into planks. The planks that i cut will determine the thickness of the dice that I want. If I want a large dice, large planks. Small dice, really small planks. Let me show you that. This would be what I consider a small dice. A plank that thick, about a quarter of an inch thick. Once I get a plank cut I will cut a nice even baton, is what we call them. Once I got it cut into batons I will turn them away from me and I will just work down the line. Going to the thickness that I want. Keeping it square is important, a classical dice is square all the way around. And there you have dicing.




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