6 Rainbow Recipes That Will Amaze You

August 22, 2014

Rainbow foods are amazing. The shock value of all that intense color make the occasion seem more festive than an ordinary recipe can. From savory to sweet, rainbow foods are all the rage, and we have some of the most colorful ones we could find right here. 

Vodka Dipped Rainbow Marshmallows

From The Decorated Cookie

A treat for the grown ups, these vodka dipped rainbow marshmallows are a bite sized confections that just might make your evenings more fun! Aren't they adorable? 

Rainbow Smoothies

From Kitchen Sanctuary

Take a look at how pretty (and healthy) rainbow foods can be! Who wouldn't want to start their day with one of these lovely sippers? Delish.

Rainbow Spring Rolls

From Thirsty For Tea

Perfection in a roll, these rainbow spring rolls are simply elegant and surprisingly easy to make. Be sure to make them for your little chefs as well at the adults. Kids love this sort of handheld eating, and they will love all the crunching and dipping. 

Rainbow Tie Dye Surprise Cake

From Tablespoon

What a treat! Every slice is a celebration of someone's day. Your family will be wondering how you made this awesome rainbow cake. It's a simple technique that is one of a kind. 

Rainbow Ice Cubes

From JJ Begonia

Make drinking water beautiful again. Rainbow ice cubes are full of delicious fruit too, so consider them for your next cocktail hour. What a pretty addition to any beverage. 

Rainbow Mason Jar Cake

From Belle of The Kitchen

Mason jars. Who knew they would turn out to be so fun? A beautiful rainbow cake that can be seen from all sides, these are yummy and visually appealing as well. A win-win for everyone. 

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