Cabernet Burgers and 4 More Uses for Leftover Red Wine

November 16, 2014

On the rare occasion that you are left with any red wine after dinner, you can incorporate it into another dish to enjoy later on in the the week.  A leftover bottle of wine can become a variety of meals ranging from pasta, to burgers, to poached pears, and even cake. Next time an extra glass of red wine is eyeing you across the table, use it in one of these knockout recipes.

One Pot Red Wine Pasta
Recipe from A Beautiful Mess

One pot meals are the best, especially when they take less than 30 minutes to cook.  Pasta in a red wine sauce is fast, easy and delicious.  This meals is 100 percent vegetarian but feel free to add Italian sausage to the pot if that is your thing.

Sausages in Red Wine
Recipe from Sauce and Sensibility

Sausages in red wine are a cozy meal for fall.  This rustic meal only requires a handful of ingredients and very little work from you.  While the sausages are cooking low and slow, you can prepare the other dishes to serve alongside like spaetzle (a German dumpling) and honey roasted carrots.

Cabernet Burgers
Recipe from Confections of a Foodie Bride

Burgers are always a favorite and when they include red wine, they are even better.  Hearty beef patties are topped with a sweet red wine sauce, a juicy tomato slices and cheese.  The "everything" buns are packed with spice and compliment the flavors in the burger. 

Red Wine Chocolate Cake
Recipe from Pretty Polymath

Chocolaty, intensely flavored, and deliciously rich, this red wine chocolate cake is for both red wine and chocolate lovers.  The acidity in the red wine helps to create a cake that is light while also adding depth of flavor.  A dark chocolate ganache frosting and dollop of whipped cream are all you need to make this wonderful dessert.

Sangria Poached Pears
Recipe from Baking a Moment

Sangria poached pears is a perfectly balanced dessert.  Cream colored pears are turned a beautiful burgundy when they are immersed in spiced red wine mixture studded with cinnamon sticks, fresh ginger and dried cranberries.  This light and fruity fruity treat is served alongside fresh oranges and kiwi as well as a whipped cream (ice cream or Greek yogurt would also work).