Post Thanksgiving Meals: Stuffing Waffle Sandwiches

November 24, 2014

If you are a fan of chicken and waffles, a sweet and savory combination of crispy fried chicken laid on a bed of waffles all dressed in syrup, then you will love stuffing waffles sandwiches.  Stuffing is essentially a savory bread pudding so it is the perfect vehicle for a post Thanksgiving sandwich instead of bread or rolls. This leftover Thanksgiving meal piles the remaining turkey, cranberry sauce and mashed potatoes on crisp, golden brown stuffing waffles to create an epic turkey sandwich.

Since we are enjoying stuffing in a new way with these waffles, make sure that the bread chunks are on the smaller side.  It will make it easier for the waffles to come together in the iron and form one cohesive piece.  You can do this by simply doing a rough chop before adding the eggs and stock.

Depending on the recipe you use, your stuffing could be more wet or more dry.  Begin by combining the three beaten eggs with the stuffing and 1/4 cup of turkey stock (chicken stock or chicken broth would also work here).  Mix and evaluate if you will need more stock, adding one tablespoon at a time.  The stuffing should be wet enough to form a patty without it splitting down the middle (think crab cakes).  

Your family is going to love this new take on a Thanksgiving leftover meal and enjoy every last bite.

Stuffing Waffle Sandwiches


3 large eggs, beaten 
1/4 cup turkey stock, plus more
6 cups of leftover stuffing
8 slices of leftover turkey
2 cups leftover mashed potatoes
4 tablespoons cranberry sauce
Olive oil cooking spray


Step 1: Chop leftover stuffing into small bite-sized chunks.  

Step 2: Add the stuffing to a large bowl with the eggs and turkey stock.  Mix until well combined.  Add more turkey stock if the stuffing still appears to be dry.  The stuffing should appear wet but not mushy.

Step 3: Form the stuffing into patties that are approximately 2.5 inches wide and 1 inch thick .  Make sure they stick together and do not crumble.

Step 4: Grease the hot waffle iron with olive olive cooking spray and place the patty in the middle.  Close the lid and cook for 3 to 5 minutes until the waffles are golden brown.

Step 5: Cut waffle into four pieces and stack with sandwich fillings. Serve hot.

*Feel free to incorporate other Thanksgiving leftovers like green bean casserole, whipped sweet potatoes, and gravy.

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