5 Beautifully Boozy Cocktails

December 20, 2014

Celebrate your love of friends and family with these 5 beautifully boozy cocktails. We love each of them for their inventive recipes, and their festive flavors. One even uses seasonal Clementines! How is that for a fresh idea? 

For a stress free cocktail party, remember a few of these tips: 

Organize your menu - plan a few simple finger foods that are fun but not too fussy. We have plenty of them listed on our site. 

Make your cocktail list- and assemble the ingredients. Have a mix of alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages for both the partiers and the designated driver.

Then, allow your guests to help out! A great manager (you) knows how to delegate, and guests always offer, right? Have one mix drinks, another keep the table full of treats and more. Modern parties are less formal and bring more of a family style vibe to the mix. Take advantage of that, and be the brains behind a fabulous party! 

Clementine French 75

From Bourbon and Honey

Cranberry Mojito with Key Lime

From Cheryl Style

Cider Mill Scotch Apple Cider Cocktail

From A Thought For Food

Homemade Eggnog with Rum and Kahlua

From Cooks with Cocktails

Fruity Sangria

From African Bites


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