Warming Up Now in Vancouver, British Columbia

January 9, 2015

A January a visit to Vancouver, B.C. usually involves skiing at one of the many mountain venues: Whistler, Cypress, and Grouse.  For the sports enthusiast there is ice hockey; Vancouver Canucks or Vancouver Giants.

But this January things will be heating up at the 13th Annual Dine Out Vancouver held from January 16 to February 1. The first event to warm you up is “The Chef Soup Experiment” with over 50 chefs preparing soup. The old saying “no soup for you” is not the case here since there will be free soup for everyone. 

Another event that that caught my eye is the Craft Beer and Artesian Food Tour. You can sample brews from several of the newest crafter breweries and nibble these fine foods; artesian meats, chesses, pizzas, and more.

For wine lovers like me this event is a must: “The Grape Debate: Trends vs. Terroir”.  You will hear from the experts at Wines of British Columbia, and if you have not tried these wonderful Canadian wines you will be in for a big treat!

This event really sounds interesting; “Film Feast- Big Night.”  Watch the “Big Night” a classic foodie film that will be followed by a four course dinner.

This is a small sample of all the events (over 35 of them) and everything is priced very reasonably. Hotel deals start at $78; three coarse meals are priced starting at $18 and up to $38. With over 270 restaurants to choose from there is certainly no shortage of selection. AND - if you are from the United States we currently have a great exchange rate.  If you spend a total of $100 (in Canadian dollars) it will only cost you 84.50 in U.S. dollars. Time to sign up!

About our guest contributor:
Michael Fagin is a freelance travel writer who has traveled across Canada and visited all the major Canadian wine regions. Mr. Fagin is currently touring the Pacific Northwest enjoying the wine country, dining, and hiking the region. While he is not writing Mr. Fagin is a weather forecaster for West Coast Weather, LLC forecasting weather for the West Coast of the US as well as on an international basis. Mr. Fagin has a weekly hiking and weather segment every Tuesday morning on KUOW FM Seattle.